Do you remember those old disposable cameras? They were cheap and easy to use. You would plaster the cheesiest grin on your face and someone would flash that bright light right in your eyes! Then, to take another, you would have to wind it up and get ready for the next one. You anxiously wait for your pictures for about a week. You finally get them and they are AWFUL! haha!, but you had fun taking them. You now have a tangible object you will cherish for a lifetime.

Then came technology. Everyone started pulling out their phones to take pics and then it gets lost in the memory of your phone. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having the convenience of pulling out my phone at the perfect moment. But, If your a person like me it will just stay there, and I will keep telling my fiance “Oh my gosh I have to go print these out!”

1. Keep the Memories From Your Wedding

The Mirror X PhotoBooth allows you to actually keep and hold on to the pictures you and your guest take at your wedding. With the Instant printing and unlimited copies feature, you could put the photo in your photo album and hand one to your guest. No waiting. Pretty neat ay?

Someone lose their photo? We will take care of that with our on-glass gallery that shows a gorgeous layout of all the photos taken that evening, and reprint it for you.

You probably didn’t take a picture with everyone at your wedding, but you still want to know who was there. No worries! At the end of the night you will receive a USB with all the pictures taken that evening.

2. Send Your Picture via Email or Text!

So your Tia Michelle couldn’t make it to the wedding? Grandma Katie couldn’t make the drive? Well don’t let them feel left out! Send her a photo via e-mail or text straight from the photo booth!

Post that fantastic picture sent to your phone to your favorite social media platform for your closest friends and family to see. You know you look good in that dress!

3. Customize Customize Customize!

With todays technological advances, why settle for mediocrity? The Mirror X offers a Touch To Start Screen that you can customize in any way you’d like. Customize your overlays to add your names and the date so your friends and family don’t forget to send you and anniversary gift.

You can virtually insert the bride and groom to take selfies with you for a truly jaw-dropping experience. Language options are available for a better interactive experience. The options are endless.

4. On-Glass Interactive Games

At almost every wedding their will be children. Take a photo with your child and play an interactive game on screen Make it a friendly competition, loser has to pose like a monkey! ha!

There are many games to choose from. A competitive game like ping pong or tic tac toe add to the incredible photo booth experience. The booth allows for a spectacular feature at your wedding no matter the age of your guests!

5. Green Screen Compatibility

The green screen is an auto chromatic feature that digitally edits backgrounds for a customized, out-of-this world experience. (if you so choose)

Don’t have a honeymoon destination yet? Well you can preview options with our green screen to take a look at you and your significant other on the beaches of Hawaii, or the night-life in Las Vegas. Can you “picture” it now?

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  1. Hi,  these are some pretty impressive features.  I  remember the days of disposable cameras. I think I used to actually have a camera. And I remember that I had to take it to the store to get photos printed. I like the idea of this, I think that you could save a lot of money and still get great pictures that You are happy with and are good for the long-term.

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